Wheatley, Whitney, Wembley & Waldo have all found homes!

Whether human or animal, life starts in all different places and varying social classes. For some, there is a warm wonderful setting, excitement and a life ahead filled with joy and love. A hospital setting with all the comforts of home, family waiting to welcome a new life, gentle hands immediately holding a tiny infant, or for a puppy, in some cases, it’s a whelping box, with warm lights, fuzzy blankets, heating pads and a family right by their side to cuddle with that little ball of fur.

  All too often the opposite happens, as in the case of these four little pups. They were born in a house with no heat, no electric, and no one to pick them up and play with them. Momma fed them the best that she could but they spent their first 11 weeks in a crate under a bed. They were fed once a day as they got older. Puppies need to be given worm medicine starting at a very young age and of course these kids did not receive it and between that and a poor diet their little tummies became bigger and bigger until they looked ready to explode. Their bed was also the potty area as well as where they played.  When they arrived at NCCR, they were completely caked in their own feces.

A nice warm bath, a bowl of food, worm medicine and a very large place with toys to play with and these four little unwanted puppies are as happy as can be. They love attention and they love to be held and loved. So from a very bad beginning to a safe haven is a start but now they are looking for that special someone that will make them feel wanted for the rest of their lives. Do you have room in your home and in your heart for a pup that needs to forget the past and become your best friend? Did I mention that they are very cute??