A “Major” Change *UPDATE* Major has been adopted!

Dogs depend on humans for their food, water, medical care, companionship and love. One should not take on the responsibility of a pet if they are unable or unwilling to provide for their dog’s basic needs.

This is his story.

He got into the garbage. They put him in the basement. They stopped feeding him.

Major skinny

He is now in foster care. They do feed him, play with him, love him. He is thriving.

He is lucky. He was rescued.

Major foster family

Major is a 3 yr. old Tennessee Walker mix. He is wonderful people of all ages and other dogs. He would be perfect for that person or family that isn’t gone for long hours as he loves to be by your side.  Give us a call at 326-PAWS if you’d like to meet him!

Our heartfelt thank you to Major’s rescuers and his foster families.