Volunteers are the very heart and soul of NCCR.  Without everyone’s efforts we would not be able to care for 200-300 dogs each year.  Each month we feature one of our great volunteers and this month it is Joan Kunow.  If you have a few hours a week to spare, come and join the great team at NCCR!


Joan“My journey to Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue wasn’t a planned one. As my husband, Peter, had been volunteering for several years after NCCR moved to Gale Street, I occasionally would lend him a hand at various jobs …. cleaning up the dog yards, helping with the yard work or taking over a shift with the dogs.  When NCCR was in need of an accountant about ten years ago, I volunteered to do the accounting and serve as treasurer on the board.

I’m sure to some people, paperwork isn’t probably the most exciting part of volunteering, but it is very essential in running this business and keeping us above board.   With the help of many volunteers, I enjoy doing my part in making sense of all the contributions and fundraisers as well as staying on top of the expenses and countless requirements.

Giving my time is something I do because there is a need for help, and that’s why we enjoy good volunteers at NCCR.  If it weren’t for our dedicated volunteers, we wouldn’t have this great organization with so many activities and functions to keep us operating.  Our goal is the same, to find our dogs good homes. We all work toward that goal, not for recognition and status but because we love and care for dogs.

Volunteering at NCCR covers a multitude of opportunities especially if one has a special talent in a certain area. But you don’t have to be limited to that. You’ll still find me occasionally cleaning a dog yard, painting, cleaning or working in the yard as well as helping at a fundraiser or special event.  You can be a part of that too!”