1. If you see a stray dog, report it to the dog control or animal control officer (DCO or ACO) for your area. If you are concerned that the dog may be in danger, you may try to capture and contain the animal, if you are safely able to do so.

2. Call the authorities. Each city, village, and township has an assigned ACO. Report lost/stray animals to the appropriate ACO in accordance with where the dog was found.

3. Check for ID. If the dog is wearing ID, vaccination, or license tags, the owner can be easily traced.

4. Take pets with no ID to the nearest appropriate animal shelter after contacting the local ACO. Do not take the dog to a shelter out of the local area unless instructed to do so by the ACO. Removing the dog too far away from where it was initially picked up can make it much more difficult for the owner to find.

5. Post the missing dog online and/or in your local paper to try to reach the owner.

Click on the link below to find the Animal/Dog Control Officer in your area:
ACO-DCO-List for 2023