There are times when cruelty is going on in places you would never suspect. Is it that people turn a blind eye and become so complacent that we truly don’t care? Nestled in a wooded area in the country side in Ohio was a horrific scenario of animal abuse only discovered due to someone driving by and seeing a dog tied to a tractor. They stopped, but unfortunately, the dog was already deceased. The further they looked the worse it got. Tied out, in all kinds of weather, malnourished, many with Lyme disease, leery of humans, were 80 live dogs and 40 that had already given up hanging on to life. One pig and some chickens wandered at will.

Thus began a monumental task for one rescue. A staging area was set up at the fair grounds and the moving of the dogs began. Each dog was taken in and given food and water, fresh straw (a luxury they had never had) and was examined by a vet. One by one after their vet check and needed meds were given, the dogs were moved to the shelter.  The search then began for foster homes and help from other rescues.  Our hat is off to Julie and her crew at the Ohio rescue for their immense dedication to get each one of these animals taken care of. NCCR was able to help by taking two dogs, Vinton and Morgan.

It is hard to imagine that someone could be so cruel to these animals but it goes on in the most unexpected places. Morgan and Vinton are enjoying being inside with plenty of food and the love of the volunteers. Their tails are starting to wag and they greet each volunteer at the kennel door. It is amazing what a little love can do.  Morgan and Vinton will be looking for homes of their own once they are vetted and emotionally ready.

If you have ever thought of fostering, this is a wonderful opportunity. It’s not an easy job, it can take time and a lot of patience as they aren’t used to living in a house and are not house trained, but the hours that you are willing to give will mean a life time of happiness for dogs that come out of a situation as overwhelming as this. And, you might just find that you fall in love!!

Learn more about fostering here:…/fostering-a-shelter-dog/