Jelly Bean’s Journey – from 117 to 79 pounds!

Four year old Clarence, now Jelly Bean,  arrived from an overcrowded shelter on October 17, 2020. We didn’t know anything about his background, but whomever had him did not exercise him, obviously over fed him and let him grow to 117 lbs.  His weight loss program began immediately. On top of his weight issue, he was also treated for heartworm.  Despite all of that, he was so friendly and happy and just loved to be with all of us.  It wasn’t long before we received an application from a couple from Colorado who loved Springer Spaniels.  They preferred to rescue older Springers that people had relinquished so they could give them a good and loving home. They would be traveling through our area and wanted to meet him….and it was a match!  He traveled like a trooper on his cross country trip and quickly settled with his new family and Springer sister, Doodlebug.

“Jellybean, formally known as Clarence, joined our family last November. We were taken aback when we saw him. He was huge. His size was immediately overshadowed by funny and loving personality. It was also apparent how much the volunteers loved him.

He is an absolute love. We call him our cartoon character. He does well with his diet which includes green beans and carrots. He is eager to please. He even takes pills like a champ. It could be since he knows a small treat follows.

He loves his walks, chew toys and trying to catch mice outside with his sis, Doodlebug. We look forward to seeing Jellybean enjoy boating this summer which will include jowls and ears flapping in the wind!

THANK YOU NCCR. Without NCCR we would never have found dear Jellybean.”

Some images from his journey!