Lollipup, now Wednesday, has been adopted!

We welcome you to follow along as her family shares her progress settling in to her new home!

Day 1: She is amazing and we love her more thank I thought I ever could! She had a great porch sit with her sister. She has been cuddling an loving her animals. She is doing great!

Day 2: She is doing so good. She slept really well cuddled up right with Abby. We are so thankful. She is loved and doing so amazing following Abby. She wasn’t sure about the bed but let me lift her in and now she runs back chasing Abby to get there first. She absolutely has found her forever home!

August 20th: We took her to Petsmart and she picked out a new harness and a matching shirt like Abby…she’s very into style! She is happily going out and prancing in the yard following Abby’s every move. She has officially become Wednesday and comes to Winnie. She perks right up when she hears it. She still gets nervous about the door so we just prop it open until she feels safe enough to come out on her own.

August 23: Wednesday is doing so good! She had a little bit of a rough time with the lightning and thunder over the weekend, but just stuck close with Abby. She loves laying in the grass in the sun. My dad brought over his dog and she loved having a bigger dog around. They ran around the fence together forever!

August 27: Celebrating National Dog Day!

August 30: We are happy to announce that this cutie has been adopted and is officially retired from puppy mill breeding. Here is Wednesday, our baby golden doodle and the newest member of our family!!

October 2022. She’s getting pretty comfortable!

November 2022 update! Everything is quiet on our home front. Wednesday has been doing better and better each day. Wednesday has been her sisters sidekick the last few weeks. We had a Halloween party and Wednesday got to dress up with her sister and helped us give out candy to the trick or treaters. Wednesday and Abby were also very excited that their owners got engaged on Halloween. Wednesday was not a huge fan of her costume but she was a good sport. Wednesday loves showers! Whenever it’s time for them to get a shower she loves to lay in the shower while her sister gets washed and waits for it to be her turn. She loves them and will try and join us if she spots her chance. Wednesday hasn’t shown much interest in toys but has a few that she will randomly chew/suck on. She tried to steal her sisters lamb chop so she got her very own lamb chop which she cuddles with every night. Wednesday loves to have belly rubs and will hit our hands if we stop petting her and she still wants attention. Her favorite time is treat time! She will get impatient when it’s her sisters turn and tries to sneak them out from under Abby. Thankfully they are both good sports and don’t mind when the other one steals treats. They bury and hide each other’s ham bones (which they both love). Justin found that Wednesday loves peanut butter and when she gets overly anxious she loves to play with her Kong toy. We are still working on some anxiety with new people but her pacing seems to be fading away. She will leave her safe spots to find Abby or to try and guilt us into extra treats. At this point we are working on socializing her more with people because she tends to cling to Alisha when other people around. Wednesday does amazing with other dogs. She loves to sniff and kiss other doggie friends. We’ve read a lot of articles to help her the best ways we can and found out that she loves to be read to. Hearing our voices is very calming to her so when it’s storming or the wind is bad she loves to have books read to her. She is beyond loved and is coming out of her shell more and more every day. She has her own blankets that she will suck on to self soothe when we go out shopping or running errands. She also found a Batman shirt that she claimed and tends to suck on it. It’s a running joke in our families now because she sucked holes into different parts of the shirt. We had a major accomplishment a few days ago where she was thirsty and searched out water without someone having to offer it to her. She is constantly smiling and we love watching her blossom. Wednesday has brought our family so much closer together and we love being able to see her live out her days as happy as she deserves to be.

December 2022-Wednesday’s first real Christmas! Wednesday has had a very spoiled Christmas holiday. She got toys, blankets, treats galore. We had family from both sides absolutely spoil her and her sister (Abby). She loves Lamb Chops, sleeps with them wherever she goes. She has been around a ton of dogs and seems to have blossomed more than ever. She has won all the families hearts over. It was a busy Christmas season and you’d never know Wednesday was a puppy mill dog. We had anxious moments at times, but she never stayed that way for long.