Sweet Pea and My Three Sons

My life has never been easy.  I grew up in a rough part of San Antonio and I didn’t have much guidance from a family so I pretty much just ran the streets and did what I wanted to do.  You know how it is when you are young and don’t have any responsibilities. The wild life caught up with me and I found that I was now expecting a family. This was not what I had planned on and now here I was with no place to go.  Street life is tough for anyone but it is no place when you are about to give birth.

I was picked up as a stray and I thought life should get better but when I got to the shelter I found that they had absolutely no room for me.  I knew that this could only mean one thing.    I overheard them talking about a transport that was headed north and I could go if they could only find someone willing to rescue me. It was around 11:30 on a Friday, the trailer was loaded with others and was leaving at 12.  I was pretty nervous; time was running out and at the last minute they told me that I was going to NCCR in New York and I was put on the transport!  That was the beginning of a trip I will never forget.

The plan was for my new rescue to meet me in Ohio on Saturday afternoon, but when we got to Illinois,  the weather became very bad and slowed us down to a crawl.  That meant that it was going to be Sunday before I arrived.  Early Sunday morning, I realized that these babies that I carried were not going to wait much longer.  At around 7:30 a.m. a little boy arriv!d.  Mile after mile we traveled and there were no more little ones.   By 7:30 at night the driver decided that they should  find a vet to check me out,  whew, what a relief.  After an ultrasound I was taken into surgery and fortunately, there were 2 little boys still alive. Sadly, 3 of my babies did not survive the long labor.

Now, here I was in Virginia and the transport had moved on without me. I had a couple of pretty rough days from all I had been through and I had to wonder, now what?  Strange state, people I didn’t know. a long way from where I was supposed to be.  Could it get any worse? But at last, Wednesday morning  arrived and I was told that everything was going to be alright.  A volunteer had come to rescue us and the 4 of us were headed to NY.   It was another long ride and although I was happy to be headed to my temporary home,  I was nervous and became a little grumpy,  I feel bad about that now, but I’m sure that you can understand, being a new mom and all that had happened?  By Wednesday night I had reached the spot (where I started out for on Friday) with  a room of my very own, a bed and my own outdoor patio.  This was heaven on earth for a gal that started out on the street.

As you can imagine, my emotions have been all over the place but I am learning to trust these wonderful people at NCCR, I am beginning to like it when they come in to care for me. I wag my tail in greeting now and I don’t mind them handling my boys.  I’m not sure what is in store for us yet but I have heard tell, that when the time is right, wonderful homes await me and my 3 sons.  Mike, Robbie and Chip.