Well, simply put, she’s a wonderful dog. Right from the minute she got home with me – super playful, eager to listen, very cuddly and loving. I can’t imagine why she ended up in a shelter, but who knows. If she had a bad start/abusive owners, she certainly hasn’t externalized it. I think she was well-loved. Which makes me sad for whatever reason they couldn’t keep her.No triggers or reactive responses yet. 

I’m trying to take her with me as much as I can just to get socialized with situations, people, and other dogs. She’s been to work with me, to the dog parks, to friends places, on the public transit systems here in Toronto, parks, downtown… you name it.And she is not thrown by anything. Just a super happy dog. 

And yes, I changed her name. 🙂 She’s learning it. We’re working on other basic commands like sit, stay, wait, okay, paw/other, and ’off’ (a big one – she likes to jump on people and ‘cuddle’), and have started a bit of off-leash recall. She’s a fast learner.  What can I say? She’s amazing. I adore her.

Audrey, formerly Matilda, was adopted in November 2023.