June 2022 update:  Isla is doing so well at my house! She is almost fully potty trained now, and is so lovable and well behaved. She makes me proud! She is 6 months now, and weighs 37 pounds as of this morning!  I thank you again for blessing me with such a beautiful dog. Have a wonderful day!

Isla (formerly Bebe) is doing very well! She loves to play, and has a lot of energy! She sleeps well at night, usually only cries when she has to go to the bathroom! She plays a lot with Mitch (now Denver) and my mom’s other dog, Indy! She absolutely loves everyone, and any dog she has met so far. Isla likes to snuggle and be held. She does well at home with training. Currently we are working on “sit”. She sees the vet for the first time on Thursday. We definitely get along well, and she is starting to really feel at home!!

Isla was adopted in February 2022