All is good with Phoebe besides chewing on a hat and destroying my 70 cents sun glasses.  She hasn’t made it to the vet just yet because they are completely booked.   She’s enjoying laying around the house.  During the day, she hangs out on our fenced in area and has no issues with it.  I think she’s a little bit hard of hearing, sleeps real deep or just ignores us sometimes.  lol   Along with the fenced in area, we’ve been taking her for country walks in the morning and in the evening.  She had a couple accidents the first few days, but she’s fine now.  She was worrying us a bit in the beginning because she wasn’t eating, probably trying to readjust and the medication she had before she left the shelter.  She’s fine now.  We haven’t changed her name, we are just calling her Phoebs.

Phoebe was adopted in August, 2023!