Basil is doing fantastic.  We have kept the cute (herb) name that was given to him and everyone loves it.  He has adjusted really well to his new home and his new big sister, Gracie Mae. They get along great….as long as Basil  isn’t nipping her butt with his sharp little puppy teeth.  Then Gracie runs away and hides in her bed.  The puppy nibbles is one bad habit we are still working on.  Basil has gotten along great with all ages that he has come into contact with so far.  He loves to play, play, play and then he will crash for about an hour to recharge!!  He is just the cutest little guy!!!  House training has not given us any challenges yet.  There have been only a few indoor accidents since we adopted him.

I cannot say enough about his foster family.  She did an OUTSTANDING job with the mother and all the pups.  When we got Basil at 10 weeks he was already 85% house broken and was going up and down steps without a problem and would come when called.  She sent a bag of toys with all his sister’s scents on them and a puppy blanket for his crate, which he loves!  She wrote a long note telling us all about Basil’s likes and dislikes that she observed and asked us to send pics occasionally so she can see him grow, which we are happy to do.  We love showing off our fur babies. She was a fantastic woman and we are so happy that Basil was able to get his start in life with her.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do for these beautiful animals and especially for allowing us to adopt Basil and give him the loving forever home he deserves.  We will treasure him always.

Basil was adopted in August 2022.