Baxter is a great new addition to the family.   He’s a really good dog and has come out of his shell quickly.  We’re still working on housebreaking and the lousy weather hasn’t helped,  but I’m sure he’ll come around in no time.  He loves the other dogs but his favorite place is on the couch next to me.  He loves sleeping in the big bed at night and running around outside with all of the other dogs.  When we all walk together he’s very quiet,  but he goes crazy when the dogs run off in different directions as he wants to follow all of them.  He also doesn’t mind wrestling with the big dogs.  It takes him a while to eat as he has trouble swallowing a lot of foods with just two teeth.  But I just make sure he’s had plenty before he walks away from the bowl and another dog swoops in to eat whatever is left.  I’m very happy that he has come into the family.

Baxter was adopted in December 2023.