Bitsi is formerly Dixie!

New update:  We are doing great! Bitsi has settled in very well and has become an instant part of our family. We love that little Princess to pieces!!  We had her doggie DNA tested and are anxiously awaiting finding out her genetic makeup.

Bitsi (formerly Dixie) is doing great!! She is our little Princess ❤.  She has met new people and puppy friends. Today, we had our first outing to the pet store where she wanted to meet everyone. All of the employees fawned over her like the Princess she is. House training is a work in progress. She goes outside when we take her (frequently), but doesn’t always “tell” us when she has to pee. We’re getting there though and have had progress. We do have kitties and boy does she love chasing them around! She did gets a few hisses and growls, and maybe a whack to the face, but the kitties accept her a little more everyday. 

Bitsi was adopted in April 2021.