Blue & Maizey

The puppies are doing fantastic. We did change the females name to Maizey but the little boy has remained Blue. Adjusting to the new house took all of about 24 hours before they just fit right in. Potty training is almost complete, with the exception of the occasional mishap which is perfectly normal. I am actually shocked how well it is going. They have mastered stairs as we have them from our deck to our backyard. We are working on the sit command and Maizey almost has it. Blue is easily distracted but he will get there. They are also working on being on their leashes and went on their first walk the other day with the big brother Logan. He is so patient with them and has actually started running around with them in the backyard and playing with them with their toys, which he hasn’t done in months. Thanks for checking in.

Blue and Maizey (formerly Margaret) were adopted in October 2023.