Gotcha Day update-October 2023:  She is doing well. Making great strides forward! 

Hello, We first would like to thank you All for getting us together with Bonnie and adopting her! We couldn’t be happier with Bonnie. She is such a sweet heart. She is adjusting well. Our other dogs, Nikki and Maxine have welcomed her to the pack very well. They like to play in the house as well as the outdoors. When they do (Bonnie decided on her own) that she wanted to join them and they accepted her. So she is now a wonderful addition to the family.  She loves the toys that we got her and also the other toys that we already have.  She goes to the toy box and chooses which ever one she wants at that time.   She has her own bed and sleeps in it all the time, So she has taken to that. We are just so happy!

Bonnie was adopted in September 2022.