I did change his name…Boogie is the one that has stuck after these last few days. He fits right in with both my dog Tucker and my mom’s dog, Murfee. e had family over for the 4th and no one could get enough of him, and he couldn’t get enough of everyone. There were babies and toddlers and he was so inquisitive and sweet. I’ve been trying to crate him at night and he barks for a while but ultimately falls asleep within 15 to 20 minutes. We have been getting up around every 4 hours and I take him directly outside and then back to bed. When we come back in I have been allowing him to lay on the bed with him and he loves the snuggles. You can’t stop petting him or he pulls at you. Tucker is 12 so it has been a long time since I have had to train a pup, but I know we’ll get through it…but I sure am tired! Haha! I’ve been running him around the lawn trying to wear him out in the evenings. I’m so happy to have been chosen to be his mom!

August 2022 update: He’s CONSTANTLY going. He and his brother Tucker wrestle and wrestle until they’re both exhausted. But he’s never too tired to go outside and explore and roll around in the grass. He loves every person he sees, and insists on meeting them. And boy! Does he LOVE to eat! 😂

Boogie, formerly Cedric, was adopted in June 2022.