Bruce is doing GREAT.   He wrestles/rough houses with Mandy for hours a day every day. (video here:  He is so very loving.  He’s a big galoot. He thrown his big arms around our shoulders and licks us to death. He cuddles on our laps and loves to have his head petted until he falls asleep. And we have a cat that bullies one of our other cats. And Bruce always runs to the rescue of the one in trouble and breaks it up. Its actually quite funny to watch.  Bruce so loves his mama. lays in front of the front door waiting for her every night.

We took him and Mandy ( the other dog we adopted from NCCR a few years ago) to our camp in the mountains. And let them run around. And he did great. Up the mountain side, back down. Through the creek and around the cabin they went until they finally tired each other out.

He eats well and plays hard. He wants to meet everyone he sees. However is protective so we are going to keep having him get to know more people as the weather warms and we have him around family and friends more.  Thanks for following up with us.

Bruce was adopted in February 2023.