May 2023 Gotcha update: Buckeye is doing great also.


October 2022 update:  Buckeye has grown from 8lbs to 33lbs and Blue (also from NCCR)  from 35lbs to 53lbs. Both are doing well, still growing, and happy.


Buckeye is also adjusting nicely.  She wakes up 1-2 times a night. We take her out then she goes back to sleep. She snuggles with my daughter at night. She likes to be carried and held. She is learning to play tug of war and fetch a ball. She also knows sit and drop it. She is doing well with potty training. As long as we pay attention she is fine. If we are not she potties by the door.  She loves the training treats and picks things up quickly. She is noisy when she plays with Blue.  She has no trouble with other people or animals. She is little enough everyone (including other dogs) baby her. She is getting more independent. She hates wearing a leash but has started exploring her surroundings lately. 
The biggest challenge with her is the teething. We just try to give her something productive to chew on instead of our hands/feet or furniture. She redirects fairly easily. The dogs have a lot of fun together. 


Buckeye, formerly Carol was adopted in May 2022.