January 2023 update:   Thank you for reaching out! It’s crazy to believe it’s been a year already, she truly is a joy!  Callie joined our family 1 year ago today. It took some time but with lots of love and some help from her foster mom, Laura, she adjusted really well! She loves to snuggle with her big sister, Kella, and plays fetch for hours. She participated in puppy training classes and an agility class at the Something Els Dog School. She runs laps around the yard in the snow and sunbathes all summer on the open picnic tables. She’s the perfect addition to our family!

May 2022 update: Callie loves walking the grape vineyards with her big sis!  She’s set to graduate her 2nd round of puppy classes this coming Saturday, and will begin the agility classes on Wednesday evenings.  We’re excited to see her thrive!

My daughter changed Rose’s name to Callie (her calico colors and California blue eyes were her inspiration). She has really adjusted well! he sleeps through the night, is eating great (we had to get a maze bowl as she was swallowing her food whole), and is keeping her crate clean when it’s necessary for us to be gone (only a few hours at a time). We have two other dogs that she absolutely LOVES running around the house with. She does great on her leash, and was more than happy to meet the neighbors. We have two grandsons (10 yrs and 19 months) and she is doing great with both of them! We are being consistent with the housetraining, and are finding she will do great, but then will have a random miss. We know consistency is the key and are by no means disheartened.

She sure will sit pretty for a treat as evidenced in the picture below, and is living her best life sprawled out in front of the wood stove. She will happily chase her ball and proudly return it to you so as to keep playing her favorite game of fetch. We have puppy training classes scheduled to begin March 5th and after those are completed are planning on another – puppy agility. I think she has some great attributes of her breed that we’re hoping to expand on (and help keep her out of trouble! 🙂). We’re happy to have her as part of our family, and thank you again for keeping in touch!

Adopted in January 2022