Chip is doing great! He loves playing with Lily and tormenting the cats, they know now that he’s just trying to play with them and know that he’s non threatening. He has been eating and exercising like crazy and is always so happy to see everyone. He has an appointment at falconer vet clinic a couple weeks. He’s still not a fan of walking on a leash but has been slowly progressing from watching his big sister. I was wondering if anyone else that adopted from the litter was planning on doing a dna test of the puppy and would be willing to share the information, if not I was planning on doing it. He seems to be growing very rapidly and will become a much larger dog than his mother. Just in the 2 weeks I’ve had him he’s gained a noticeable amount of weight as size but i don’t have an exact amount to report. But overall i think he loves his new home here and is also very loved by all the other pets ❤

December 2022 update:  Chip is doing great and loving life! He’s such a happy puppy.

Chip was adopted in September 2022.