I’ve had Cleo for a few months now actually, and I’m so in love with her. She has such a funny personality! She does pretty well at home with me and my other dog and cat. Her favorite thing is to chase the cat around, which thankfully he tolerates. He even chases her back, which she loves! The two dogs have adjusted well to each other. I was nervous about initially, which is why I fostered her first. They get along fine, though. Queenie is not as active or playful as Cleo and often isn’t sure what to do with her, but she’s very good at walking away when Cleo is being too much. Cleo is good about giving her space. 

Here are some pictures. My favorite is of Queenie and Cleo snuggling. That just happened for the first time a few weeks ago and it melted my heart! You’ll also see that she’s the world’s best snuggler! 

After being fostered, Cleo was formally adopted in June 2022!