We have had “Dickens” just over 2 weeks and he’s adjusting better than we hoped to all sorts of things. My daughter settled on a new name, so he’s “Milo” now and he’s happy as a clam — he’s eating like a fiend, drinks like a water buffalo, is napping several hours a day, playing with his big sister pup (Pepper) and checking out all the new things around the house or the yard.  It’s been so sloppy, yuck, so outside time is limited to lots of short breaks and walks…can’t wait for Spring/Summer and more outdoor play time!  He’s got chew toy options and a favorite bone he tries to guard from everyone. 
Areas for improvement —  Potty-training is going slowly, but he’s doing so much better if you really watch for his signs 🙂  He can get a bit crazy playing with his pup sister, but we let them wrestle a bit and then separate them pretty routinely to give us all a breather. He’s definitely a puppy!  Also, he doesn’t care to go to sleep at night, there’s just too much to do…but he settles down in a short period when we sit with him near the crate.
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to give him a chance to grow up with our family!


Milo, formerly Dickens, was adopted in January 2023.