July 2023 update: I must bring him by soon. He has changed! He has friends and family and is known in the community of Lily Dale. We sure needed each other!

Cooper is doing just fine, he actually took over the house,  He is house trained now, loves to love and be loved. We also made our first road trip to Tennessee he did well in the car and the hotel. He was also a good boy with my 8 grandchildren.  Cooper has a lot of puppy in him and you have to schedule playtime every day. He has a friend Gracie, a boxer rescue, that I did some dog whispering with a couple of years ago. Gracie visits Cooper twice a week and he loves having a friend.  He has turned into quite a lap-dog!!!! And we sleep together every night. This boy just needed someone to love him everyday!!! He can still go overboard with his craziness but we are learning so many things together. I have fallen in love with him, that’s for sure!!!


Cooper was adopted in January 2023!