May update: Here’s Daisy (aka Sprite) lovin’ life! She has fit right in and it’s like she’s always been with Clover and me! 

I am happy to report that Sprite, now named Daisy, has settled in…it only took a day or two, and she learned her name in a day.  She gets along with my other young dog (2 yrs.), Clover, and they both love having each other to play with.  There’s a little jealousy in sharing me but it’s getting much better.

Daisy is amazing, active and so smart!  She loves our daily walks but they both need a little more training on the leash.  I do have a fenced in doggy area off my kitchen back door for potty and I NEVER leave them unattended…I am ALWAYS out with them.  I really have to watch for predators.

They sleep with me and they each have their own spots.  Daisy LOVES attention and follows me everywhere in the house.  She’s learning to jump into my arms and I’d like to teach her a few more tricks.  I think she likes “having a job to do”.  She is wary of strangers and she barks and growls but that is over in a very short time.  She is timid at times but we’re working on trust.

All in all, she is a JOY!  Thank you for the opportunity to adopt her.

Daisy was adopted in April 2022.