Daisy Mae

Gotcha Day update, May 2022: Here is our loving dog Daisy Mae, she loves to be rubbed and cuddled, she is energetic, great with the grandkids and very spoiled. She’s healthy and last at Vet 34 lbs. We are so glad for all your help in adopting her, can’t imagine life without her. I just saw some puppies you have up for adoption soon Cheers pups and I have to say Sam looks like Daisy’s brother they look exactly alike, wonder if related. 

“Felicia is now Daisy Mae and she’s doing great!! She has adjusted well is eating playing and take nice short walks on leash. Thank you for checking up on her, we love our Daisy Mae and she is loving our family especially when grandkids visit, thank you!”

Daisy Mae was adopted in May 2021.