We decided to keep his name as Danny. He already knew that name so well and we have fun with all the names we can call him; Daniel, Dan the man, Danny boy, Danny phantom…. Danny is doing absolutely great. Vaughn has taught him how to pull him on a long board so they go running together a lot! We take him to the dog park almost every day and he has friends from chihuahuas to German Shepherd’s. He love love loves playing with other dogs and absolutely loves running with them. We have discovered he also loves the water. We’ve taken him to the lake multiple times and he’ll just lay in the water sometimes. He’s already spoiled with toys and treats and trips. He loves hiking and has become such a well trained dog. He still isn’t sure about cats though haha! Danny has gotten along with anyone or any dog he has met so far and having this boy become apart of our family has just been so amazing. We’ve really bonded with him and we love giving him all our time.  He really loves cuddling with me too, I will just randomly wake up in the middle of the night to him curling up against me. He seems really happy and he’s gotten really muscular!

Danny was adopted in October 2022.