I have renamed Chandler to Gavin. He is doing really well adjusting and getting comfortable 🙂 He is so sweet and likes to play and snuggle. He has been training to walk on a leash in my yard with me.  He is learning his routine (very smart) and his accidents have decreased!! He loves to chew though so we are working on that. He has a ton of energy and it is hard because we can not really go for a walk since he hasn’t gotten all of his shots yet. He is scheduled for his first initial visit and first needed shot on June 20th. He sleeps very well through the night and takes some naps during the day as well. He gets really excited to see people, especially my 3 year old son when he is running around. He has learned to play gently with my son and they are doing well together, getting used to one another and becoming understanding while learning how to play together 🙂 He is very interested in my cats, but he has never become aggressive and gives them space. He really wants to play with them, but only one of my cats really gets close to him. Another one of my cats is curious and will come around. Gavin is gentle but he does get excited and this scares the cats at times. They are just getting adjusted to being in the same home together. I have no doubts that they will become friends soon! They have a lot of room in the house to get the space they need also.   I will email you pictures soon!! 

Gavin was adopted in May 2022.