October 2023 update:   Happy Gotcha Day to Hank!  Hank is a very much-loved member of our rescue family.  He lets us know one a daily basis that he’s pretty happy to be here.

Hank almost immediately settled in as a member of our family.  He quickly bonded with our Lab, Cole and our other rescue, Brandy.  Hank and Brandy play together endlessly and all three of them enjoy their walks together.  He has a very healthy appetite but respects his place in the chow line.  He always warms up to our grandkids but lets us know when he sees someone he doesn’t know and occasionally terrifies unsuspecting visitors. He’s healthy, but was treated for kennel cough and tape worms shortly after we got him. Both issues were easily resolved. Hank is totally housetrained and sleeps through the night as well as naps through the day.  He’s quite photogenic as you will see from the pictures on the attached file.  We love him.

Hank was adopted in October 2022.