March 2023 update:  Hunter has had a great year with us😊. He’s quite the lover and good boy. We enrolled him in obedience classes last year and his best buddy was a Great Dane! Hunter loves to play with any size dog and recently became a big brother to another mini doxie named Finn who is 10 weeks today. Hunter is teaching him all that he knows on how to be a good boy. He shares his toys and lets Finn eat from his dish when mom isn’t paying attention lol. We keep in touch with his foster mom “Grama” Lynn Marie. Hunter likes to send her updates and pictures! He’s very spoiled and loved so very much not just by us but by anyone that meets him. We started socializing him as soon as he adjusted to our home and goes most places with us. Thank you for letting us adopt this great guy, he’s very loved.


He’s doing amazing! Eating drinking playing! Makes us laugh. It took a couple of days for us all to adjust. Going outside for potty. He starts obedience class April 6th. Sleeps with us. Goes pretty much wherever we do and loves car rides! Thanks for letting us be his forever parents ❤️

Hunter was adopted in March 2022.