November 2023 update:  Happy First Birthday Imogen!!
Imogen is adjusting well. The three older resident dogs absolutely love her. She has been given the nickname Sassy Pants. Due to she can get sassy when she wants something. She doesn’t get her way though. She sits, like her big sister Keelia and older brothers Brody and Tyr, when getting her meals, drinks, treats, and puppy vitamins. Potty training is going fabulous. She has only had approximately 5 or 6 potty accidents in the house. We don’t count her going on the piddle pad in her crate.  She only goes in the crate if she wakes up and doesn’t make a sound. So we don’t know she’s awake. Imogen has mastered the back stairs.  She is always supervised when going up and down them. She also is the only one doing so.  Imogen is constantly developing and doing new things each day. It is hard to document everything. We do try and get lots of videos and pictures!


Imogen, formerly Saffron was adopted in January 2023.