Juneau, a 4 year old Husky, arrived at NCCR on 4/11/20, rescued from life as a breeding dog in an out of state puppy mill. She was very timid with people so was in need of a patient family to give her the time to become confident and trusting. “I  just wanted to give you a quick update on Miss Juneau as we are closing in on 2 weeks with she and I being together and she is made such great progress with going outside to the bathroom. Thank goodness she was given a Beneful treat by one of my neighbors who has a dog because she loves them so they have been a great training aid! And look who has discovered how to play with a plastic bottle with a Beneful treat in it? She is becoming a dog, and I am so happy for her!  She is content. But she still has her moments indoors with me where she is insecure.  I am confident,  however,  that we are developing a greater trust in one another.”

2022: Juneau stops in for a visit! Thank you for all you did to help Ms. Juneau Elizabeth nearly 2.5 years ago!!!!