August 2022 update: L’il Bear now called Kevin is living his best life. He has a fenced yard to do Zoomies in, and playmates between our son and our cats. We do still have issues with his separation anxiety but with medication he is improving. He also has a hunger for all foods, and will wait patiently when I’m chopping vegetables in order to get a treat. He yells at me in the morning to hurry up and get his breakfast ready going “a wooo woo woo” it’s super funny and I treat it like a real conversation. Our family loves Kevin even with his quirks and sometimes naughty behavior, he is exceptionally smart and learns new commands easily. I can even use hand gestures to instruct him to sit, stay and lay down. He is happy and loved 🥰

Kevin, formerly L’il Bear, was adopted in August 2021.