May 2023 update: Lilly is doing great, she’s almost a perfect girl ha ha,  She gets scared sometimes and will bite (and she can bite hard) but not often and you can tell she doesn’t mean it.  She is completely housebroken, sweet and nice and loves all kinds of food.  She will eat something without even checking it first, ha ha.  She’s a good girl, loves to cuddle but also play with balls, etc.  She does not like to be groomed but i manage, but is a great girl.  She was a great edition to family.  She sits often with my elderly girl sophie and follows her lead.  She is not food aggressive at all   and shares pretty nice except for a bone.  She doesn’t run away if she gets out of fence by mistake, etc. Anyway so she is a good girl and you guys are awesome.  Thank you for all you do!


I adopted Lilly a couple weeks ago and just wanted to let you no she is doing great.  I feel like I have had her for years.  She really helps to make my home feel like a home again, since I lost my other dogs during the covid saga (of old age and medical stuff). I never thought I would get the feeling again but I am! She is such a sweet, sweet, fun little girl.  She’s a real dream and I am so happy you got her and brought her into my life. She is a little bundle of JOY. Thank you again and for all you do saving animals that deserve a nice home. I don’t know how anyone gave her up, but I am sure happy to have her 🙂
Lilly was adopted in May 2022.