Lollipop and Tilly (Desi too!)

Both dogs have settled in very well! They are loving having free range ofour home. I’ve bought pet steps so that tilly (smudge) and Desi could get onand off the couch and my bed without any problems. There are now 5 dogs inmy home and 3 cats. All the dogs get along great. No fight or foodaggression. Maybe just a little jealousy here and there when I’m giving onetoo much attention! They love spending time outdoors. And love going for carrides. Today was their 1st trip to the groomers and they did fantastic!Everyone is very healthy and happy! I feel so blessed to have them as partof my family! I look forward to the time I can rescue a few more.

Lollipop and Tilly (Smudge) were adopted in September 2023.