Having Luna in our home has been an absolute joy. We did not change her name. She got here and it was like she’s always lived here. She was playful and affectionate. So far she’s been around kids no younger than 11. I took her to my significant other’s house to meet his sister, 2 kids and her dog. Luna immediately just wanted to play and they got along great. I can also take her into pet stores and she doesn’t react negatively to other dogs. Our cats aren’t quite ready to start playing with Luna but she’s made it easy for them to realize they don’t need to hide. Luna shows excitement when she sees them but I can easily distract her or ask her to stay and she listens. I think they’ll reach friends status eventually. Really the only negative thing has been the few times she’s chewed on things while she was alone. Anything reachable seems to be fair game so we are just accommodating that by moving everything out of reach and having toys in different areas she can find and chew on.

I truly feel like Luna was meant to be part of our family and we completely adore her. Thank you for letting us give her a home!


Luna was adopted in December 2022.