2022 Gotcha Day update!:  Thank you for reaching out! Mabel is doing fantastic!! She is truly one of our family and we absolutely adore her! Mabel especially loves to snuggle and play with Wilma, her older sister who is also a beagle. She enjoys running around our yard playing with Wilma and chasing chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits. Of course, her favorite activity is to take walks thru our neighborhood. Mabel’s personality is quite fun and carefree, so I have nicknamed her Mabel Spice as an ode to her former name. She does have a spicy side to her! It is cute to see the puppy part of her personality come thru as she runs around our home with her toys and playfully jumps on us. She is a real snuggler and it is amazing how she transformed from the fear the first day she arrived in our home to now falling asleep as we hold her in our arms. Overall, Mabel is a joy to take care of and love. It is difficult to choose just even a few photos to share, as both Wilma and Mabel take up a lot of space on our camera rolls!

Mabel, formerly Spicy, became quite well known in our area as we searched for this elusive girl after she slipped away with her leash still attached. After 24 hours on the run, she was caught by one of our volunteers and her husband and returned to NCCR.

Prior to coming to NCCR we were told that Spicy had been running on the reservation for possibly two years, stopping to beg for food at various porches.  When very pregnant, she was finally caught by going into a fenced yard.   She raised her beautiful beagle pups in NCCR’s foster home and they were all adopted but this girl needed a special home.  Not only did she have the tendency to wander, but she needed a person or family that would take the time needed to allow her to trust humans…and that is exactly what she found!

After just one month in Mabel’s new home, here is the happy news that we received!  “We already have a beagle named, Wilma, so we thought two old-fashioned lady names would be cute for our two beagles. Mabel knows her name already and she fits into our family as if she has always been a part of it. Mabel attached to Wilma and me immediately. Mabel absolutely loves to be near Wilma. She copies what Wilma does and Wilma is a great big sister. We absolutely love Mabel. She is a sweet, playful, smart, and loving beagle. She is house trained, eats on schedule, plays with her toys, loves to sleep with and play with Wilma. She loves to go on walks, and enjoys exploring in our yard. Wilma loves all of us, so that helps Mabel to trust us as well.”

We are so thankful for all of the families that choose to adopt!

Mabel was adopted in February 2021.