We brought her in for her shots last week, and she did absolutely amazing…I’ve never seen a pup that relaxed after receiving a whole bunch of pokes like that! I also wanted to give you another update, just because we are incredibly excited that we believe Mesha is fully housebroken 🙌 She has not had any accidents indoors since the first week we brought her home and has completely mastered the doggy doors (she loves to charge through them to chase after her “big sister” Miley). Walks have even improved quite a bit, although she still loves to pick sticks up and walk with them (I think she looks for new friends so she can show off her prizes). 

Mesha is the friendliest dog I’ve ever met…she wants to make friends with everyone (dogs and people alike). I wonder if her parents were that friendly as well?

She loves being carried around and even ventured into our filled doggy pool to play around some. We have not made it a full hour without laughing at some silly thing she’s done, and she’s starting to learn “shake paws,” so she seems to be a great mix of brains and goofiness.

Thanks so much for taking care of her and all of the other pups you’ve rescued!

Meesha, formerly Hawkeye, was adopted July 2022.