April 2023 Gotcha Day update:  Mollee is such a love. She has slept on our bed since the day she came home and is ALWAYS first one up and let’s you know she is raring to go…..She has fit in beautifully, but still has recollections of her past.  Out of the bed, she has left her comfort zone (maybe because on the bed we are at the same level). In the first couple months she refused to go through the sliding door to get outside, even though the other 2 use that door. We had to go into the garage and use the man door for her to go outside. Thankfully she eventually went with the flow. She still prefers to be alone, be it in a bed by the garage door or in the recliner in our son’s room.  ANY noise scares her and she immediately runs to the back door. She can’t get there fast enough. She loves treats, but WILL NOT take it out of our hand. It has to be left either on the couch or recliner. She is excellent on a leash and loves to go for walks. Mollee and the other girls get along well, though she engages with Eevee, who is her size, more, but loves Deedee’s crate more than hers, even though they are the same! She is such a beautiful addition to our family. We love her so much, and so happy she agreed to come live with us. Hopefully as time passes, so will the nightmares that brought her to us.We are patient and understand that some reactions may never go away, but we will still be there to share and LOVE her. We want her living her best life with us. Thank you for reaching out!


Thank you for touching base.  We have changed Olga’s name to Mollee. She joins sisters DeeDee and Eevee. They arrived at different times and were already named, so it was nice “Olga” could be changed without too much confusion. She has done better than anticipated. The biggest hurdle was the sliding door we used to let them in and out to the yard. She just didn’t want to cross over the “tracks”. Must have been the Easter Bunny as she now comes in with no problem.  The pre-bedtime potty hasn’t sunk in, so we carry her to the door. Hopefully this will queue in given time. She has slept on our bed since the first night. Loves the pillows for sure. She does well in the car. The other girls had a vet appointment Tuesday and they rode in the back seat together. My husband sat with her in the car when I took the other girls inside! She has cried very little, mostly at that door when she wouldn’t come in.  She plays wonderfully with Eevee, who is her size, but has a few pounds more on her. .Love to watch their antics when they engage with each other.  DeeDee has never been one to play, but walks along with Mollee in the yard. I have enclosed some pics to share. She has made herself comfortable, but still very skittish at movement and sound. Hopefully as time goes on she will adjust, as we know this has been a whole new world for her.. She is truly a love and we are happy she came to our house to be a part of our family.  WE ALL LOVE HER!!!!!!

Mollee was adopted in April 2022.