From Oona’s foster mom:  Oona is a four year old Pit/Husky mix. She definitely has the Husky personality traits. She’s very friendly and gets along great with other dogs. I’m unsure about cats. Prior owner did tell me she doesn’t like kids grabbing at her or jumping on her, so I’m going to say a home without young children is better suited. I have never seen any signs of aggression in her. She’s high energy so a home with active people would be good. She does not like rain. Since she was a puppy, her owner has put down pads for her to use especially during rain. I keep the pads down and find that she does use them overnight as well. Unfortunately her owner got her into this habit. But she does use them. She would need someone willing to work with her on breaking this habit. She won’t use them when I’m home, only during the night or if I’m gone during the day. Otherwise she goes outside no problem.  She has never destroyed stuff. She does like to look out the window when left inside when I’m gone. She likes all her toys and she loves to play. She especially loves to play with other dogs so may be most suited for a home with another dog. She’s very polite about taking food. She will definitely alert you if someone is coming to the door. I believe she would be the perfect dog for an active person.

Now that Oona is spayed and fully vaccinated, she is staying at the Rescue so she has the opportunity to meet all of the visitors!  Volunteers state that she walks wonderfully on leash!

If you think you might be interested in adopting, your first step should be to complete an  Adoption Application.  *After you have completed your application, you will get a confirmation that we have received your application. It takes a lot of time to process the applications, so we ask for your patience while we do so. If you see that the dog you were interested in has been adopted it means there were many applications for that dog and we did not get as far as processing your application before a home was found. We welcome you to apply again if you see another dog that interests you.   If you have a question, please email your question to adoptions@caninerescue.org. It is much easier and quicker for us to respond by email as we receive many phone calls each day.

We do adopt out of state, however we do not transport or ship dogs. Potential adopter must be able and willing to travel to the Rescue to meet the dog they are interested in.

*PLEASE double check all of the phone numbers that you provide as if they are incorrect, we will be unable to process your application. Please also let your references know that someone from NCCR will be calling them. Most adoption team members call from their personal phone so advise your references that there may be an unknown number or a private number calling them.

Oona is sponsored by: Suzanne and former NCCR residents, Tillie Mae and Bron Bron and Leanne DiNicola. Thank  you!

NYS Registration #RR028