September 2022 update:  Penny has just celebrated her 1st Gotcha Day! Penny is a very happy girl and so loved. She is almost rid of her former fears. She loves long walks in our local park near the woods and goes to the dog park nearly every day. Penny doesn’t know it yet but she’s having a big birthday party tomorrow with her best friend Daja, a Yorkie neighbor, and they will get some special treats and playtime with both families on my back patio. Love to you all for all the good works you all do! I am constantly telling people about you. One more thing: Penny has helped me so much as I needed to get out and walk. She encourages me and I am getting better and stronger. We love her. ❤️

Heidi (now answering to Penny) came into our home two weeks ago and has brought us much joy and love. She moved right in without a hitch. She ignores the cat, eats her meals, sleeps well through the night and loves to sneak into Mom’s bed for a light nap before her morning walk.  She greets all visitors with a desire to make a new friend and perhaps even get a few belly rubs! She will, however, bolt if given the chance looking for those squirrels and bunnies. We have signed up for training lessons, and we feel blessed to be giving this previously abused girl the love she seeks and relishes. She is a delight.

Penny, formerly Heidi, was adopted in September 2021.