May 2023 update: Playing great with family dogs , doing great on potty training , and another good going to work with Mommy as the “emotional support dog”!


Bonnie had had her name changed is week to Penny . She is such a sweetie . As I expected, my dogs have been helping her adjust and learn things . It took her about 3 days to start listening to my commands and words when I asked her to come or stay . Since we brought her home she had had a bath , nail clips , hair cuts with both electric trimmers and scissors, been brushed many times , played with toys and been told not to rip them up , so now she carries them around the house and hadn’t chewed them up , met the cat, chickens , and pigs.  She is tied near me or I take her with me on a leash to do the outside chores . She is walked around on a lease to learn our boundaries. She’s leaned to play with Scout wonderfully . Daisy is her guide , Daisy shows her the limits of playing with Scout , outside boundaries, house boundaries, and monitors all activities with her . Penny is respectable to Daisy as the Alpha. She went to my office this week and was the “therapy doggie” to our 12 person staff for 4 hours and everyone loved her and she walked around to all the offices and got lots of pets . Thank you for getting her from her situation.

Here she is at play!


Penny, formerly Bonnie, was adopted in April 2023.