Penny B is still Penny B. We are not changing her name. She is such a sweet girl. She loves children, other dogs and adults. She is getting lots of love from everyone. She eats well and sleeps pretty good. She has full run of the house. She doesn’t get into anything and has only had one accident. She is house broken . She has her moments of uncertainty, but we know that will pass in time. Benson & Penny get a long great! Penny has just started to play with him and it’s so funny to watch. She can be very spunky at times. What a blessing she is to our family. We’re so happy to give her a forever home with lots of snuggles, love and kisses.

July 2022 update! Penny is doing amazing and making huge strides every day!  She plays ball sometimes and has a favorite bone she likes to chew on.  She also likes to roll around in the grass, she’s so funny and brings us so much joy!

November 2022 update:  It’s been a while since I’ve sent you any updates on Penny. She has really come a long way. She is the sweetest little girl and is enjoying all of the snuggles that she never got before. We ended up installing a large fenced area, we couldn’t bare the thought of her possibly being shocked by the invisible fence. I attached a video from our first snow storm, I hope you can open it. Video(1)


Penny B was adopted in May 2022.