Pepper arrived at NCCR 6/14/23, rescued from life as a breeding dog in a backyard breeding operation. He is an adult male Husky, approximately 7 years old, weighing around 60 lbs. Pepper is friendly toward people & gets along with other dogs. He would love a family that has the time, patience, and love he needs to help him thrive in his new life!

His foster family has this to say: “I feel like I learn new things about Pepper every day. He is stubborn and loving, yet protective and quiet. He truly has become a part of our pack, and it’s going to be so difficult to see him off. He needs someone who is willing to put in the work to allow him to be the dog he deserves. He loves cuddles, walks, swimming, & running. He slowly is learning how to play with other dogs; although he is not the best yet with playing, he enjoys running with his canine house mate. The longer we have him, the more personality we see and the more we see him being eager to please us. We believe he had to scavenge for most of his life, so he gets very excited when there is food around. When we first got him, he had absolutely no training and wouldn’t even eat solid foods but this dog has grown so much. He’s starting to obey commands, started showing his sassy but lovable personality, and since he is so so so food motivated, training has been going extremely well. He is a very intelligent dog and although he is stubborn, he learns very quick. He deserves to be in a home where he’ll have so much love and time given to him- that’s all he truly wants. He is very prey driven so small animals are a big no! It really is going to break my heart to see this beautiful dog move on, but he deserves and needs his forever family to come find him and love him.


If you think you might be interested in adopting, your first step should be to complete an  Adoption Application.  *After you have completed your application, you will get a confirmation that we have received your application. It takes a lot of time to process the applications, so we ask for your patience while we do so. If you see that the dog you were interested in has been adopted it means there were many applications for that dog and we did not get as far as processing your application before a home was found. We welcome you to apply again if you see another dog that interests you.   If you have a question, please email your question to It is much easier and quicker for us to respond by email as we receive many phone calls each day.

We do adopt out of state, however we do not transport or ship dogs. Potential adopter must be able and willing to travel to the Rescue to meet the dog they are interested in.

*PLEASE double check all of the phone numbers that you provide as if they are incorrect, we will be unable to process your application. Please also let your references know that someone from NCCR will be calling them. Most adoption team members call from their personal phone so advise your references that there may be an unknown number or a private number calling them.

Pepper is sponsored by Lenore Goold, Heath Forster, Roberta Gray, Victor and Gloria Armes, and Ann Odell. Thank you everyone!

NYS Registration #RR028