Piper’s new name is Portia, and she is doing so well!  She plays fabulously with our other dog, Beulah, and is still trying to figure out the cats. She “wants” to play, but when they hiss and run from her, she thinks it is a game (the cats….not so much). I think this will get better with time. The six kiddos LOVE Portia, and she is extremely gentle with all of them. She wants to be at my side continually, and will not leave me. She LOVES going on walks, and does really well on a leash. She sits, and barely ever barks.  She has not had one single accident in the house! We planned on crating her, but have not needed to. She sleeps in our bedroom with Beulah on a doggie bed. 
Portia has her first obedience session tomorrow evening (Thursday) with Carly Davis. She already knows how to behave quite well, but we want to make sure she is a wonderful, well-behaved pet.  She is so darn cute! Thank you for letting us adopt her!
Portia was adopted in February 2022.