February 2023 “Gotcha Day” update:  Thank you for checking in. In the one year since Rayce’s adoption (he’s now one year old), he has attended training classes. In 2022 he graduated puppy training school. Early 2023 he graduated Intermediate training class and is registered to begin Advanced training class soon. He is so well-behaved and smart. I’ve met two people who have two of his siblings and they shared photos.  I sometimes tell him “you look so much like your mother” ❤️. Rayce gets regular grooming, up to date on all his shots, and only receives all-natural treats – receives no ‘people’ food or table scraps. He is rewarded for good behavior and listening skills. He’s my “Little Man”. We are lucky to have him. He’s a healthy 18 pounds.


My name is Rayce. I was adopted at 8 weeks old, as “Alfie”, born Dec 7. As you can see, I’ve grown into a handsome man, almost 6 months old. I graduated puppy school where I learned several commands and proud to say I was a very good student. I will be returning for my Intermediate training soon. I am so well-behaved, smart, and loving and return to my pen as directed. Janice gives me all the comfort and support I need which I give back in return.

Rayce was adopted in February 2022.