His name is now Reacher after the Lee Child character ( one of my deceased brother’s favorite fiction authors and characters).He has adjusted so well! He had his first vet visit and got a clean bill of health.He loves people, walks, car rides( he falls asleep) and hanging outside with me by the pool. He has slept with me from day one. Such a snuggler!

He has had some potty issues. He started not wanting to go in our yard first thing in the morning but would hold it until we got somewhere like the park .Plus, he wouldn’t poop at all at home!!! I had a phone conference with Carly Davis and she gave me some great tips. This morning was a stellar day.  Not only did he do his business first thing,  but it was also his first time I left him in crate for an appointment. I was a wreck, lol, but we both survived!! He has a good appetite,  and despite the toileting issues, he’s only had two accidents!

Toys and play are a foreign concept to him. He has absolutely no interest,  with the exception of a treat dispenser. We are working on it!! On our walks he loves to sniff other small dogs, but becomes quite brave when he comes upon bigger dogs! Everyone comments on how calm and sweet he behaves. No yapping or jumping on people.  One of the cutest moments was when he licked the Cheeto dust off of a toddler’s hand at the park. Boy did she giggle!

He is a love and it is so rewarding to know he is now living his best life!!

Reacher, formerly Tony Macaroni, was adopted in May 2023.