June 2023-Gotcha Day!  Reba is doing great!  Everybody who meets her just loves her.  She loves exploring our back yard at home and enjoys spending time at our camp on Lake Erie in Ripley.  She loves chasing rabbits and chipmunks and enjoys watching people.  She even thinks she is a lap dog!  We are very happy to have her.  Thank you for all you do to bring dogs and people together.


Sasha, who is now known as Reba is doing well.  She is a wonderful addition to our family!  She LOVES watching and “chasing” rabbits and chipmunks! (We think there is some Beagle in her!)  She loves to play fetch and gets along well with everyone and every dog she meets.  She travels well in the car.  We are working on her leash and greeting skills, and we are enjoying her energy and affection.

Reba was adopted in June 2022.