Riggs is living his best life! He is an AMAZING friend! He and Lily ( Iris was her name there) are best friends! He has come a long way and knows several commands ( sit, stop, lay, paw, slow, come, and a few more that we use with him when walking him off leash in the woods. He just had his yearly checkup ( and a couple shots) and weighs 125 pounds (he was 92 pounds when we adopted him) and they feel he is perfect weight as we walk about 1 1/2 miles a day ( except when too cold).
Riggs has brought us so much joy and my wife calls him “her emotional support dog”! Lol  I’m not sure what life would be without him!  Please pass this and photos on and thank all of those who work and volunteer there and do so much so people like us can have such daily happiness!
Riggs was adopted in February 2021.