1 year Gotcha Day update!

 It’s a Happy Rosie-Versary!! Rosie has come a long way this year. She has become the most affectionate,  snuggly dog I have ever met. All our dogs sleep with us, but Rosie is the one who puts her head on my shoulder. She is still very nervous when strangers come over, especially men, but she has a couple different safe spaces she can retreat to at any time, so that her anxiety doesn’t ratchet up. Rosie does accept treats from us and the people she has come to know, and will sit and shake. What’s amazing is how excited but gentle she is around babies!! She loves them. She is also instinctively gentle around elderly who don’t walk well, allowing them to walk with her on the leash and not pulling at all. Normally, she pulls any time she sees a bird. 🙂  Of course,  Grandma is her favorite person.

She is definitely a bird dog, and will watch them through the back door when we are not outside. She does like to run, but we have got her trained to stay around the house. We also have a gps collar on her, just in case…

Rosie was adopted July 2022.